Proximity switch capacitive, 25 m cable

Product no.: 6125.0030

Proximity switch capacitive, 25 m cable, CQ32SCN15VK-25 

(similar VC12RN924) applicable for automatic dry feeder,
sensor type:          capacitive with relay contact  and LED
round body           d= 32 mm
switching distance: max. 15 mm, adjustable via potentiometer at sensor
voltage:                 20-30 V, AC/DC
scope of delivery: 1 x sensor, 2 x diode 1N4007, 1 x screwdriver without mounting bracket
Note: When using it as sensor e.g. in automatic dry feeder you have to assemble as protective element an additional limited-slip diode 1N4007 into the junction box (unless it is not provided already in junction box).

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