Mechanical double pressure-contact manometer

Product no.: 2414.0907
Price 662.50
Delivery weight: 2 kg

Mechanical double pressure-contact manometer for spiral pumps NF and NM
as pressure relief for the pipe on the pressure side of the pump.
For liquid or gaseous measuring substances, in case of optional open flange connection also for polluted and viscous media. Features:
- adjustable shutdown pressure
- 1. contact closes, if set value is exceeded
      = signal “overpressure” = safety shutdown of the pump
      Switching on the pump is only possible by pressing the reset button.
- 2. contact opens, if set value is exceeded: = normal function  -  function OK
- constant display of the current pump pressure (0-10 bar)
- connection: G1/2" (without connecting parts)
- special material for the diaphragm element sensing device: 1.4568
- extended drilling 10 mm
- body made of grey cast iron, black
- electric connection: lateral cable socket

complete with:

1 x  8122.0017 PVC-T-fitting 63/50/63 mm

1 x  8133.0003 PVC-red. ring Ø  50/40 mm

1 x  8132.0038 PVC-thread socket 40 x ½" IT

1 x  8111.0003 PVC-pipe  Ø 40 mm, 2.0 mm wall thickness, 0.20 m

Note:  without electric kit for installation in the control cabinet, see Item 2414.0905

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