TEWE micropump, at 140 rpm: (special design)

TEWE micropump, at 140 rpm: (special design)

Product no.: 2416.0002 Notify on availability
Delivery weight: 4.9 kg

TEWE micropump, acid dosage for liquid feed
Flow rate: at 140 rpm: (special design) 100 l / h, 24 V / DC, 50 W, 3 A
A continuously variable regulation of the flow rate is done with the control "ADDIDOS" 
(item no.: 4513.0201). If this function is required, this control has to be ordered additionally!

Motor:    Gear motor, water proof, gear 30, 50 W
Pump:    Design with 3 castors for higher pressure up to 1.5 bar and ejection 
    with less pulsation
Casing:    Made of special plastic, low-wear and especially stable, 
    with transparent  cover, can be unscrewed
Weight:    4.9 kg
Mounting:    With stable SS mounting base, can be variably fixed at the pump gear, 
    for floor or wall fastening.
Delivery scope:    Cpl. with assembled conveyor hose for pressure- and suction side, 
    approx. 30 cm. Hose acid-proof, resistant to formic acid 98-100%
    Outer diameter: 16 mm 
    Inner diameter:  12.7 mm

Only pure acids - Without solvent addition and without other admixtures!

Please order and operate the pump with the correct hose material to ensure safe operation. Regularly check the hose for wear.

The consistency statements refer to our experience. Deviations are possible. In any case, check the chemical compatibility of the used medium with the manufacturer of the chemical. Observe strictly the safety instructions of the chemical manufacturer. We assume no warranty and exclude all claims and damages.

Plus hose set:    Use item no. 2416.0020!
For the control of the dosing speed, we recommend: Electronic controller ADDIDOS, Art.-No. 4513.0201 (infinitely adjustable).

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